*Eating Resposibly*

Many girls a teenage years start to think tha they are to fat and that they need to loose weight. So they start to throw   up wich is called being bulimic. Some even go as far as to starving their selfs which is known as anorexia. So here are some healthy ways to loose weight. Like you could start by eating healthy. Eat the  reqiered portions of food. Eat your five portions of fruit every day and vegitables.if you would like try to find a book or recipes that are low in carbs and calories. you could cook for you fmily or frinds. you may think that oh well its going to taste funny and i love this and that. well you can try and invent a helthier version of the dish and make it taste good. maybe it wont be as tasty as the one with all the fat but as long as it tastes good and its healty you should be okay with it. and some times the food tastes much more tastier with the healthier ingriedients in it.  than with all that fat. Also  try to drink the  requiered water cupsthat you should drink each day. You can eat junk food but not as much. You have to be able to control yourself and know when enough is enough.i hope that you can follow a good eating style that is good for you nad that wont cause you any harmhttp://whatscookingamerica.net/Foto3/FoodPyrmid1.gif


May 25, 2007. eating responsibly.

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