anorexia bulimia and compulsive eating are all terrible eating disorders. Anorexia i think  is the worst out off all three eating disorders. people with anorexia have an awful fear of gaining weigth. they are always thinking about food and limit the food they eat. many people think that anorexia is just problem with food but its more than just  more than a problem with food its many other things. anorexia is more than just food it a way of using  food or starving yourself to feel more i control of life to ease tension, anxiety and anger. most patients with this problem are females.


Anorexia mostly effects women and teen age girls starting at the age of about 10 (ten) 90-95 percent. it can also happen to men but its rare. it was once thought that women of color were More frequently to fall in eating disorders because of their culture. research shows that African American Latin/hispanic Asian/pacific islander and American Indian and Alaska native women are more exposed of to images of thin women.they are more likely to develop eating disorders.


their is no single known cause of anorexia but their are many signs for example

  • culture: women in the us are under constant pressure to fit a ceratian ideal of beauty seeing images of flawless women to feel good about their bodies. men are  also being pressured to have perfect bodies.
  •   FAMILY: family is another thing that causes anorexia if someone in your  family had anorexia for example your mother or sister you are more likely to fall in to the same eating disorder.
  • LIFE CHANGES OR STRESSFUL EVENTS:dramatic event s such as rape or as simple as starting a new job.can lead to you to the onset of anorexia.
  • PERSONALITY:someone with anorexia is not very happy with how they look. they hate the way the way they look even if you think hatrid is a very strong word they actually feel that about their self’s. they try to set hard to reach gaols for them self’s and they  try to be perfect in every way.
  •  making them self’s throw up.
  • taking pills to urinate or have a bowel movement.
  • taking diet pills.
  • not eating or not eating at all.
  • over acsses of exercise even in bad weather or when very tierd.
  • alaways counting calories and weiging the food and how much they should eat.
  • laying with their food and moving it around instead of eating it.

                   if you have this problem or know of someone with it please get help before it is too late.Their are treatments that help to get your old self back.



May 25, 2007. managing mental and emotional health..

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