medicine and illegal drugs

results from aseries of trials to try and find a treat for alziheimers appears to bring hope to patients with this disease. according to scientist reporting their findings to this desease to the 2nd alzhemers assosoation international confrence on preventing a dementia in washington, DC yesurday( june 11) they bring over one thousand experts from around the world. the four druga are alzhemed and inhibitor of brain cell death, dimebon an alzemers vaccine, immunotherapy treatment an1792 adn a drug usually used to treat diabeties avandia. alzemes is caused bty a build up of a protien called amyliod beta which forms plaques and tangles the brain. kills off brain cells and interfears with neuron to neuron signaling. well their hope to all of you adn hope that this plan actually works. this disease need sto be batteled. and i think that they have found a way.


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infectious diseases

natur eof infetuous diseases

micogasims that are capable of causing diseases that are called pathogens. though keeo in mind not all micogaims cause diseases. their are many that are nonharmful. infection is a big way to get diseases.  infection results when a pathogeon invades and begins growig within a host. disease reults only if a pathogeaon in the tissue.

 microbes tha tcause diseases:

bactiria are little organasims that have no orginized internal membrane structures sucha as a nucleim mitochandria, or lysosomes. viruses are a huge one. there is a better chance to get diseases this way. microbiologists have discovered viruses that infect all oraganasims. a virus paricle is composed of viral genome of nuclei acid that is surrounded by a protein coat called a capsid.many viruses that infect animals are surrounded by an outer lip envelope, whicjh aquires from the host cell membraen as they leave the cell. another one is fungi. protoza are unicellular, heteotrophic eukarytoes that include the familiar amoeba and paramecium. these protozas dont have dont have cell walls so they are capable of a variety of rapid and felible movements. it can be cause dthrough contaminated water, or food.  heleminths are simple invertapre animals. tehy can be infectouous. their physiology is similar to ours becaus e they are animals. they cause mild disease and swimmers itch. prions. over the two past decades eviddence has linked some degenerative disorders of the centrak nervosa system to infetious particles thtat consist only of protien.the diseases htey cause are creutzfeldz-jakob disease( in human), scrapie( in sheep) and bovinespongiform encephalopathy ( mad cow disease)well thats about it watch out with htese viiruses and infections. becarefull with what you touch and always wash your hands.

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tobacco is a very tall leaf that grows in south and central america. but now grown throught out the whole world. it is used ot make cigarettes. tobacco can be eithe rsmoked or inhaled. to inhale it yo uhave to burn it first. or it could either be absorbed throught the mouth. it would be liek chewing gum. the mebranes in the nose, mouth and lungs act as nicotine delivery systems. transmitting nicotine into the blood and to the brain. first time users first feel dizzy, after a few times they grow to tollerate the affects. it can cause first timers dry and irritating throught, also get really bad headaches, nausea, weakness, abdominal cramps, gagging, and coughing. nicotine  highly addictive, tha tis why their is a wide use of tobacco. people in hale deeeper to keep the a certain level of nicotine in the body. peopel who try quitting is highly difficult for them they may stop but even after months they get cravings for a ciggarete. the average quiting number is three attempts after thos ethree attempts they most likely stop.  please stop smoking tobacco if you do it can result to tak your life away. you  cann also hur many people around you that you love. and befre you know it youll be dead and it will be too late. please get help befor yo uend up ina coffin

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exercis and conditioning

ecersise and conditioning are great ways to get in good shape. they are safe and sometimes fun. you can loose weight by doing exercise and not by starving yourself, and trowing up. a good exercis routine can be dong some stetche. ( jumping jacks, push ups, crunches, etc…) after you can do a routine. liek a really good one is too run for 3 minutes straigt, and walk for 2. do this at leat three times a week. ever time a week has passed you add 2 minutes to the running and only one to the walking. once you get to 5 minutes walking thats where yo ustop adding waling minutes. when you get to thirty minutes running yo ucan stop adding minutes it is your coice. remember dont ove rdo it. yo ucan also play sports with your friends at the park. you have to actually play though no fooling around. you can also swim. swimming is a great way to loose exercise. it is relaxing. dont just sit in the pool and play ball do some laps back an forth at the pool. you can also do aerobics in the pool those are really good fro your muceles. and realessing tention and help you concentrate. they can also help you with stresss.boxing is a relly great way to exercise also it is very fun anf =d it can help you realese anger and tention. it is a very fun sport. the most exercise that you can do in one day is  exercis is a great way to loose weight but you cant take advantage of it. yo ucan get seriously hurt if you do exercise when you are tired or do it without stopping and over exercise. pleas exercise responsibly. results will come but you have to be very patient adn not get angry because you dont see results in a week this takes some time. it may take soem time but in the end it turns out to be really great.


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Building Responsoble relatioships with teens with ADHD

it can be really hard to build a relationship with teens, especially when they have ADHD. as if it wernt enough they have a hard time consentrating in school, they have a hard time also staying focused. like doing their chores or doing their homwork. but anoter ahrd thing is that they dont have really good relationships with  their parents. parents need to try and form a goosd relationship with their childern espeically when they have this problem. a good way to start acanversatio is to trya nd talk to them about school and what they need and if they need help or if somethinfg is bugging them at school. build arelation ship with your teens teacher. seeha tyo ucan help in to become more involved in his or her education expirience. teachers can help studentswith ADHD with things that they are having trouble with in school. and it can be a big advantage for them it can help bring their school worka nd how the y interact with others in class.  teen smight want to star asking about getting a job. talk with them about it becaus ethey will ask because they want to focus on their independance, as wel as taking responsibility. it can sometimes be hard for a child with ADHD  to have a prt time job. it can interact with their schedule and frusterate them. it can be hard for you and them. you guys can try it and see how it works. try to paln out something that can work with all of you. anothe rbig thing is for teens to have a strong relationship with peers. teenage years are when yo umostly need friends to talk to and intract with. try to get your child to accept the way they are. to get their selesteem busted up. to not feel bad about their prblem. get other  kids to talk to them and interact with him or her. try to set up dates with him or her and other teens. peopel who they might be able to talk to about their problems and express their selfs. teh most imporatan thing is that your teen should know that they can talk to you about any thing. talk to them and tell them that you will always be their to listen to any of their problems.  make them fel like they come to yo ufor anything.  make them feel comfterable dont interigate them because tha twill cause them to not to interact with you. try to hepl your teen and talk to them. make them feel like they can come to you for anything, any time.

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Preventing Abuse and Violence

many teens these days are expierincing youth violence. in 2003, 5570 young adults have been murdered in between the ages of 10 and 24. 82 % of the victims were killed with fire arms. in 2004 more than 750,000 young adults had been treated in the emergency room for injuries having to do with violence. mostly what peopel mostly focus on is shootingsin youth violence but it is much more than that it can also be includong bulling, physical fitting, hazing,suicide, and as far as tenn dating violence. young adults might also expireience sexual abuse, sibling abuse, and domestic violence. they can lead to physical and emotional scars tha tmay remain for the res tof their life or for a very long time. if you expirience any of these abuses please get help. one way to do this is too tell a teacher thell always listen and help you. you can tell a friend that can hepl you . a school councler can also help you alot. please stop this abuse and get some help if you need too. dont let your scarredness take over you dont listen to it. Do what is right for you.

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i think that alcohol should of never evn exisited in many ways. alcohol i guess is okay to drink once in a while at parties.of course eveyone knows that the legal drinking age in california is 21. the thing is htough that hundreds af under age kids and teenagers are faling in this abuse. according to national center on addiction and substances abuse about 80%of high school students ahve tried alcohol. a big percentage huh. how does alcohol affect your body. well alcohol is depressent which means it slows the function of the centeral nervous system. alcohol prevents messages that are trying t be sent to your brain. alcohol can make someone a very talkative, and friendly person or a vry aggresive and angery person. depending on the person.reactions in a prson that consumes alot of alcohol are slowed dramaticly. that is why they say not to drink and drive. they may think that they are moving straight but they arent. they can act totally out of character.

  • curiosity
  • to feel good,reduce stress and , relax.
  •  to fit in
  • to feel older

but the thing is that alcohol destroies your life if you dont stop in time. it doesnt just affect you it also affects the people around you. it can tear families apart, and do permanent damage that could never be fixed. also studies have shown that if one of the parents has used drugs, or use of alcohol the child might have the same problem in the future. when the child gets older their hormones will cause them to try alcohol or drugs. so please before abusing of alcohol think of the others around you because you never know you may loose them for ever.if you know of someone or you have a drinking problem get help before it is too late.

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