Building Responsoble relatioships with teens with ADHD

it can be really hard to build a relationship with teens, especially when they have ADHD. as if it wernt enough they have a hard time consentrating in school, they have a hard time also staying focused. like doing their chores or doing their homwork. but anoter ahrd thing is that they dont have really good relationships with  their parents. parents need to try and form a goosd relationship with their childern espeically when they have this problem. a good way to start acanversatio is to trya nd talk to them about school and what they need and if they need help or if somethinfg is bugging them at school. build arelation ship with your teens teacher. seeha tyo ucan help in to become more involved in his or her education expirience. teachers can help studentswith ADHD with things that they are having trouble with in school. and it can be a big advantage for them it can help bring their school worka nd how the y interact with others in class.  teen smight want to star asking about getting a job. talk with them about it becaus ethey will ask because they want to focus on their independance, as wel as taking responsibility. it can sometimes be hard for a child with ADHD  to have a prt time job. it can interact with their schedule and frusterate them. it can be hard for you and them. you guys can try it and see how it works. try to paln out something that can work with all of you. anothe rbig thing is for teens to have a strong relationship with peers. teenage years are when yo umostly need friends to talk to and intract with. try to get your child to accept the way they are. to get their selesteem busted up. to not feel bad about their prblem. get other  kids to talk to them and interact with him or her. try to set up dates with him or her and other teens. peopel who they might be able to talk to about their problems and express their selfs. teh most imporatan thing is that your teen should know that they can talk to you about any thing. talk to them and tell them that you will always be their to listen to any of their problems.  make them fel like they come to yo ufor anything.  make them feel comfterable dont interigate them because tha twill cause them to not to interact with you. try to hepl your teen and talk to them. make them feel like they can come to you for anything, any time.


June 12, 2007. building responsible realtionships with teens..

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