infectious diseases

natur eof infetuous diseases

micogasims that are capable of causing diseases that are called pathogens. though keeo in mind not all micogaims cause diseases. their are many that are nonharmful. infection is a big way to get diseases.  infection results when a pathogeon invades and begins growig within a host. disease reults only if a pathogeaon in the tissue.

 microbes tha tcause diseases:

bactiria are little organasims that have no orginized internal membrane structures sucha as a nucleim mitochandria, or lysosomes. viruses are a huge one. there is a better chance to get diseases this way. microbiologists have discovered viruses that infect all oraganasims. a virus paricle is composed of viral genome of nuclei acid that is surrounded by a protein coat called a capsid.many viruses that infect animals are surrounded by an outer lip envelope, whicjh aquires from the host cell membraen as they leave the cell. another one is fungi. protoza are unicellular, heteotrophic eukarytoes that include the familiar amoeba and paramecium. these protozas dont have dont have cell walls so they are capable of a variety of rapid and felible movements. it can be cause dthrough contaminated water, or food.  heleminths are simple invertapre animals. tehy can be infectouous. their physiology is similar to ours becaus e they are animals. they cause mild disease and swimmers itch. prions. over the two past decades eviddence has linked some degenerative disorders of the centrak nervosa system to infetious particles thtat consist only of protien.the diseases htey cause are creutzfeldz-jakob disease( in human), scrapie( in sheep) and bovinespongiform encephalopathy ( mad cow disease)well thats about it watch out with htese viiruses and infections. becarefull with what you touch and always wash your hands.


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