medicine and illegal drugs

results from aseries of trials to try and find a treat for alziheimers appears to bring hope to patients with this disease. according to scientist reporting their findings to this desease to the 2nd alzhemers assosoation international confrence on preventing a dementia in washington, DC yesurday( june 11) they bring over one thousand experts from around the world. the four druga are alzhemed and inhibitor of brain cell death, dimebon an alzemers vaccine, immunotherapy treatment an1792 adn a drug usually used to treat diabeties avandia. alzemes is caused bty a build up of a protien called amyliod beta which forms plaques and tangles the brain. kills off brain cells and interfears with neuron to neuron signaling. well their hope to all of you adn hope that this plan actually works. this disease need sto be batteled. and i think that they have found a way.


June 13, 2007. Uncategorized.

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