i think that alcohol should of never evn exisited in many ways. alcohol i guess is okay to drink once in a while at parties.of course eveyone knows that the legal drinking age in california is 21. the thing is htough that hundreds af under age kids and teenagers are faling in this abuse. according to national center on addiction and substances abuse about 80%of high school students ahve tried alcohol. a big percentage huh. how does alcohol affect your body. well alcohol is depressent which means it slows the function of the centeral nervous system. alcohol prevents messages that are trying t be sent to your brain. alcohol can make someone a very talkative, and friendly person or a vry aggresive and angery person. depending on the person.reactions in a prson that consumes alot of alcohol are slowed dramaticly. that is why they say not to drink and drive. they may think that they are moving straight but they arent. they can act totally out of character.

  • curiosity
  • to feel good,reduce stress and , relax.
  •  to fit in
  • to feel older

but the thing is that alcohol destroies your life if you dont stop in time. it doesnt just affect you it also affects the people around you. it can tear families apart, and do permanent damage that could never be fixed. also studies have shown that if one of the parents has used drugs, or use of alcohol the child might have the same problem in the future. when the child gets older their hormones will cause them to try alcohol or drugs. so please before abusing of alcohol think of the others around you because you never know you may loose them for ever.if you know of someone or you have a drinking problem get help before it is too late.


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