Preventing Abuse and Violence

many teens these days are expierincing youth violence. in 2003, 5570 young adults have been murdered in between the ages of 10 and 24. 82 % of the victims were killed with fire arms. in 2004 more than 750,000 young adults had been treated in the emergency room for injuries having to do with violence. mostly what peopel mostly focus on is shootingsin youth violence but it is much more than that it can also be includong bulling, physical fitting, hazing,suicide, and as far as tenn dating violence. young adults might also expireience sexual abuse, sibling abuse, and domestic violence. they can lead to physical and emotional scars tha tmay remain for the res tof their life or for a very long time. if you expirience any of these abuses please get help. one way to do this is too tell a teacher thell always listen and help you. you can tell a friend that can hepl you . a school councler can also help you alot. please stop this abuse and get some help if you need too. dont let your scarredness take over you dont listen to it. Do what is right for you.


June 12, 2007. preventing abuse an dviolence. Leave a comment.