tobacco is a very tall leaf that grows in south and central america. but now grown throught out the whole world. it is used ot make cigarettes. tobacco can be eithe rsmoked or inhaled. to inhale it yo uhave to burn it first. or it could either be absorbed throught the mouth. it would be liek chewing gum. the mebranes in the nose, mouth and lungs act as nicotine delivery systems. transmitting nicotine into the blood and to the brain. first time users first feel dizzy, after a few times they grow to tollerate the affects. it can cause first timers dry and irritating throught, also get really bad headaches, nausea, weakness, abdominal cramps, gagging, and coughing. nicotine  highly addictive, tha tis why their is a wide use of tobacco. people in hale deeeper to keep the a certain level of nicotine in the body. peopel who try quitting is highly difficult for them they may stop but even after months they get cravings for a ciggarete. the average quiting number is three attempts after thos ethree attempts they most likely stop.  please stop smoking tobacco if you do it can result to tak your life away. you  cann also hur many people around you that you love. and befre you know it youll be dead and it will be too late. please get help befor yo uend up ina coffin


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